Swipe Auctions Review: Jesse Willms, Integrity, and the Facts reviewed. Is this a good thing? You decide…

Jesse Willms in the Eyes of W5

Swipe Auctions Review

This blog will give you the basic facts you need to know about Jesse Willm’s Swipeauctions.com so you can decide whether you want to join it or stay away from it. All facts outlined can be verified by you. We added links to the key points to make researching easier. All sources are from credible news reporting services.

What is SwipeAuctions.com?

Swipeauctions.com is a penny auction site where you pay $159.00 up front and get 300 bids. Swipeauctions tries to sign you up here and on other mirror sites. When you look at the page, you will get a video on “police auctions” which don’t have anthing to do with their site. Then, you need to go through a jungle of ads comparing Swipeauctions to eBay. To go on, it asks you for your name, address, etc. You will be asked to pull out your VISA on the next page if you put in your details. The question is, should you keep your VISA in your wallet? Let’s explore that question…

Swipe Auctions and the Jesse Willms Connection. Do your homework before signing up.

According to the Better Business Bureau (bbb.org), Jesse Willms owns swipeauctions.com. According to W5 (a well known, well respected Canadian News program), Jesse has a colorful past with various Internet Businesses. You can watch the full story on Jesse Willms by going here. THIS VIDEO WILL TELL YOU EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT JESSE WILLMS.

UPDATE on Jesse Willms: OCTOBER 1, 2010.

If you go t0 the Better Business Bureau, you will find Jesse Willms also owns JDW Media. JDW Media has been sued by Oprah/Dr. Oz for deceptive marketing.

The one that shocks me is an Australian Cancer Foundation claims that Jesse Willm’s company, JDW Media, has used their Pink Ribbon campaign without consent. Going to Jesse Willms site and Swipe auctions, you will see they are using charities again. Do they have consent? I don’t know…

Swipeauctions reviews/Jesse Willms that give you the facts

Without being redundant, the Swipe Auctions Reviews at hubpages still appear accurate. They cover different angles so you can really decide whether Swipe Auctions is for you or not.

Swipe Auction Review: Giving you the facts.

This blog or hub tackles different angles to assess swipeauction’s credibity by providing you with balanced facts without any hype.

Swipe Auction Review: Refund Advice

This blog gives suggestions on how to get a refund safely. Lately a few have commented they have received refunds from swipe auctions using the suggested methods outlined.

Swipe Auction Review: Does Swipe Auctions have Integrity?

This Swipe Auctions Review focusses on whether this penny auction system has integrity or not. Again, the comments raised are to give you facts and rationale, not to hype you out.

I added this blog as I like the tips it gives on how to detect a scam and avoid it. The article gives common sense tips so you reduce your chances of getting scammed.


Lastly, this article gives you tips on how to limit your financial damage if you are scammed.


I hope all these resources help you out. In my opinion, the whole penny auction concept needs to be re-evaluated. Charging the price for the item (which looks cheap) and charging about .50 for each bid actually makes the item expensive.

Here is a simple math example on an item that sells for $10.00

$10.00 is equal to 1000 bids at a 1 cent rise per bid

1000 bids at .50 a bid is $500.00

So, the price really is $510.00 ($500.00 for bids and $10.00 for item)

That is one hefty profit!

Say, if any of you want to pay me $5.00 plus BIDS (at .50 a bid) for a $10.00 Wal-Mart card, I will deliver it next day UPS for you.

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